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GAMING+ Closing Shop

Readers and subscribers to gamingplusmedia.com,

We would like to inform you that we are no longer Gaming+ and our podcast, Weekly Roundup Podcast, is no longer available. We want to thank you for coming to our website and reading our content, but all things must come to an end. With a mixture of things between not enough writers/content being published and lack of motivation from the remaining team, we have decided to close shop. Maybe someday in the future, we can come back to this website and revive or reminisce the good times we had with this site. Either way, we genuinely and sincerely thank you.

-The Gaming+ Team

Announcement: Special E3 Podcast

We at GAMING+ are too excited to wait until July 5th to bring you a new Weekly Roundup Podcast. The team was talking and we decided to go ahead and make a special E3 summary podcast where we talk about everything that happened during E3. We will talk about our expectations before the conference and if they lived up to them. We will also discuss rumors that were debunked as well as if our predictions came true. After this podcast, we will continue our hold on regular podcasts until July 5th as originally planned.

E3 Roundup Podcast is set to be aired June 15th on Soundcloud and iTunes.

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