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Resident Evil 2 Remake Speculations

Okay, this isn’t some click-bait article titled “New Resident Evil 2 Remake Leaks!!!!11!” It is simply speculation for what Capcom is going to do with the game. With that said, I cannot wait for any credible news that drops about the remake of such a classic survival horror game from many of our childhoods.

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Will Just Cause 4 be at E3 2018?

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas, but it might as well be for gamers all around the globe. E3 is set to begin June 12, 2018, and it is sure to be a big week for gamers. There has been a lot of rumors and leaks going around, one of which is Just Cause 4. Will we be seeing a new entry to this series? If so, what do we want to see in the new adventure?

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