About Us

Gaming+ is a gaming news and reviews website. It is home to the Weekly Roundup Podcast, which you can listen to on iTunes and SoundCloud (more services coming soon)! On this Podcast, we talk about our gaming stories, interesting gaming topics, games we have been playing, news stories and much more!

Created by Clint Kubow, his mission in life is to come out and spread the love of video games to everyone. He wants to make sure everyone has their source for news going on in the video game industry. Clint finds it difficult to find a great catch-all podcast that doesn’t focus on a single platform, so he is going out to create one that hopefully many people will enjoy! The Podcast is hosted by Clint and Chris (below).

Chris Meece joined the team in May of 2018. Chris spends a lot of his time speedrunning Resident Evil games and always tries for the best times that he can achieve! Chris has always been an avid gamer and is excited to bring you news and stories that you will love!

If you would like to become a writer for the website or think you might make a good co-host for the Weekly Roundup Podcast, feel free to send us a message on our Contact page!

Gaming+ is a subsidiary of Kubow Media Group.