Jacksonville Landing Madden 19 Tournament Shooting

These are dark days. Sadly, there was a shooting in Jacksonville, Florida at a Madden 19 tournament. 11 people were shot and 2 were killed in a shooting event that happened live on Twitch. You can watch the stream here, but it is a disturbing sound.

On the stream, it shows two players competing in Madden 19. The man on the right has a hoodie on. You can actually see the laser pointing toward him. Luckily, the stream of the two individuals cuts off before the shooting happens, but you can still here the pops of the gun go off.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the one shooter, who is believed to be David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, seemed to be upset over losing a tight game. There has been no other motive for the shooting revealed. Katz was dead on the scene.

This comes at a time when gamers keep requesting more security at gaming events/tournaments. There have been numerous times when there have been bomb threats and shooting threats at these events. There have been times when YouTubers are scared to go to conventions because they receive death threats. These threats cannot be taken lightly. For some reason, the gaming community has just shrugged those threats off, but now it actually happened. These events need more security and front gate checks. There needs to be something done to prevent these demented and violent people from entering those doors.

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