E3 2018 – Sony Overview

The much anticipated Sony E3 presentation concluded. Was anything new shown? No. Was anything newsworthy shown? No. Was it a good presentation at all? No. Let’s see why it was so bad.

Sony does many things well. They make awesome electronics and created one of the greatest family of consoles ever made. One thing Sony does not do well is having a good E3 conference. Sony seemed to miss the presentation on nearly every mark. Somehow, they succeeded in making the evening not about video games, but about themselves.

Surprisingly, they did show video games! Sadly, they were mostly games that we have seen time and time again. Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Kingdom Hearts 3, Death Stranding, and Spiderman. Other than that, not much else was shown. There were some highlights like the Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer as well as a teaser for Nioh 2. There also seems to be a new 3D platformer coming out called Trover Saves the Universe which tried a little too hard to be funny.

Like I said, nothing really newsworthy happened, and I think Sony knew that. So instead of really trying to “wow” the audience with new announcements, they instead tried to “wow” everyone by their presentation. Right off the bat, Sony made it clear how the evening was going to go. The presentation was going to be about the “emotions” of games as they go into a “deeper” look at them. They had the presentation set up very awkwardly. They had the audience go from room to room. They had different rooms set up to “capture” the feeling of the game. Each room was decorated in the setting that the respected game was. When the crowd had to get up and move to a different room, there was a long and awkward intermission where a table of people gathered around and talked about how amazing Sony is and how amazing the feeling was of the presentation. While they talked, they took a couple breaks where they showed commercials for games we have already seen in other presentations. Once the audience got seated in the new room, we were greeted with an awkward performance of a single musician playing a song that sounded like the soundtrack from the game that we were about to see.

I wish Sony would have made it a normal presentation. It was extremely slow and awkward. It felt like a complete waste of my evening and most of the online chat that I was watching would agree with me. I saw countless people asking “is it over yet?” and when it finally ended, the entire chat blew up of people saying “are you serious?” and “that was it?” If I had to give Sony a grade on their presentation, I would have to give it an F+ or D-. The conference was so underwhelming, it was quite painful.

I apologize if this article has been a bit of a Sony bash. I love Sony. I have loved them since I was a kid. But this presentation left a terrible taste in my mouth. Every other presentation has been great. I hope Nintendo can pick that trend back up tomorrow. At least Spiderman looked good.

What did you think of the presentation (if you watched it)? What do you think of the games that were shown? Let us know below!

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