MICROSOFT E3 2018! This has been something we at Gaming+ have been waiting for for quite some time. All of E3 is exciting but the Microsoft announcements that came out today have got us especially excited. 

NieR Automata is coming to Xbox One! As a previous Playstation player I am quite familiar with the game, but to be honest, it never really did it for me. But for some gamers who have been envious and maybe thought of betraying their current system (ironic, right?) this could give them a bit of relief. Anyway, seeing any game that was once an exclusive come to the other (dark) side is always a relief. Let us as gamers come together as one! Aside from all you PC gamers..

Next up, is the trailer for Crackdown 3! Now this threw some unexpected excitement my way. I remember playing the first one on Xbox 360 back in high school, and man did I have a blast with that game. I’m happy to see that the series is still going on because honestly, the second one didn’t really grab my attention too much. But after seeing this trailer, I am excited to give it a try. Nostalgia? Maybe, but either way, I’ll be playing it when it drops.

Sea of Thieves is coming out with more content, which had little to zero reaction from this end, but hey if that’s your thing more power to you! More content for Cuphead will also be available soon! The angering game known as Cuphead will soon be able to give you an even further headache.

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition is coming to the Xbox Store, with DLC and bonus characters. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this, and as far as marketing it could be a smart move if Playstation doesn’t also release it.

I was shocked to see that Forza 4 is coming out with a playable hovercraft! Now that will be fun. I’m personally a fan of the series because of the more realistic mechanics of the game and I cannot wait to pick it up. Heres to more Forza!

PUBG. Hmm. This is a tough one for many people because of the frame rate issues on the Xbox One version of the game, but honestly I still have fun with it. I’m excited to see that a new game mode and a new map will be available to us Xbox One players. This one really grabbed me, because who likes playing the same map every.. single.. game.. Apparently me, because of the countless hours I’ve already spent playing it.

How long do we have until March? Because The Division 2 looks awesome. I’ve anticipated this game for quite some time and I really hope they’ve made some changes from the first game. It has so much potential and I really hope Ubisoft pulls through with this one. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….” Yeah, you get the point. Either way, I will definitely be giving this a buy in March.

Let’s not forget about them announcing the new studio, The Initiative, I’m excited to see what’s going to come from them and hope them the best!

The new Shadow of the Tomb Raider looked awesome! As a fan of the first couple Tomb Raider games that came out, the progression of the series has always intrigued me. The more “stealthy” combat styles we see in the trailer have already got me excited to give it a try. Can’t wait to see how it does and more importantly, how it plays!

Now… Session caught my attention. I’ve been aware of the game for awhile now but never personally funded it. This little footage shown of the game looks awesome, and I will definitely be getting it off the Xbox Store. And let’s not lie… We all hope it gets the recognition it deserves and maybe this could convince EA to drop another Skate title.. Who knows, let’s not try and get our hopes up too high, but that would be amazing!

The Mirrors Edge 2.. Oh, I meant Dying Light 2, gameplay shown looks sweet! But seriously, the graphics look awesome! The whole martial law aspect of the game really made the gameplay mesmerizing. Also decisive opportunities in this game gave it a huge boost of making it into my collection. The replay value on the game already looks like its worth the $60 it’ll cost around release.

The catalog preview for Xbox Game Pass looked impressive. The fact that they put newly released games on there amazes me. It is definitely worth the monthly fee of $9.99.

New BattleToads will be here next year! Not a whole lot was said but that was enough to get some people excited. Clint and I attempted playing through BattleToads a while back and to say we gave up in a fit of rage and laughter, is 100 percent accurate. Can’t wait to play this one!

Gears of War 5 got announced… Yeah, I think that’s enough of that. (Sorry each one is basically the same game, so there’s no point going into that.)

And finally… CyberPunk 2077! I had never heard of the game prior to E3, and it looks awesome. They did a great job with that trailer and I will 100% be buying the game. I like when trailers don’t give away a whole lot but just throw you crumbs of what is to come. That might be just me, but either way, the game looks like it will be a blast.

And that’s it for the Microsoft section of E3! Let us know what you’re excited for, what you wish would’ve been displayed or any other comments about E3 in general!

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