E3 2018 – EA Play Overview

This afternoon, we had our first look at what E3 2018 had to offer. Electronic Arts (EA) was first up and had quite a showing. EA acknowledged that they have had some missteps and want to improve on them as a company and the quality of content that they offer. Below is a summarization on their presentation.

Please note that I will be skipping the FIFA and NBA Live announcement because, well, we don’t find them very exciting to talk about. Yes, its more of the same.

Battlefield V was the first large game to be discussed in the presentation. Battlefield will continue their trend from World War I to World War II. It will be the same Battlefield experience that we all love, but with an added royal mode. Even the big companies can’t stay away from the current trend of battle royal games. It will be a normal royal mode with a Battlefield twist. It will have team play, vehicles, and destructible environments. With those added features, it sounds to me that this title will be a big hit for EA.

EA then announced that they are testing a new method of playing games. A new service is going to be announced where you will have the ability to stream EA games to your phone and play them with a Bluetooth controller. This should reach a younger demographic to bring in new players to some of EA’s big titles that you can only play on console.

The next section of the presentation was focused on Star Wars. The host started showing her awkward side and tried pumping the crowd up but no one was buying it. We got to hear about an upcoming Star Wars game called Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. We have no details of the game as of yet, but it was hinted that it will be a dark game. The game will take place between Star Wars episodes three and four. The game has a release window of Holiday 2019. After we got that news, we then heard from a representative of the Battlefront II team. He was apologetic about how the game launched and how they are shaping the future of the title. They are introducing a new squad system to make it easier to team up with your friends. They also announced a new conquest mode reminiscent of Battlefront II (2005) as well as introducing the Clone Wars into the game. With that, we will see new heroes including General Grievous, Obi-Wan, Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker.

The next presentation was a new trailer for Unravel Two, the sequel to the wildly popular Unravel. It looks more of the same except that it is now co-op. There will always be two players on the screen whether you’re playing co-op or not. EA didn’t say if it is couch co-op or internet, but the game still looks beautiful and fun. It features more fast-paced moments with less puzzle solving. The fast sections feature great looking platforming which should prove to be a challenge to even seasoned players. The game is released and ready to download right now. Yes, immediately. You are able to buy it now.

Next, EA introduced a new studio that is in their EA Originals section of the company. This studio is releasing a new game called Sea of Solitude (SoS). It is about a young woman struggling with loneliness and self-doubt along with many other symptoms of anxiety and depression. Because this woman is overcome with these feelings, she is turned into a monster. It is your job to find out why she is feeling like this and how to turn her back into a human. This is a game with a message that many people should be able to look deeper into the meaning. SoS has a release window of early 2019.

We are now towards the end of the presentation, and I was personally surprised to see a mobile game being announced so late in the day. One thing about this mobile game, it actually looks good! Command and Conquer: Rivals is a one-on-one real-time strategy game where players try to control zones to build a huge missile. Once the missile is complete, it launches at the competing teams base. It takes two missile strikes to win. You have to mine diamonds for your economy with mining trucks which the other team can destroy to slow your unit production. The more diamonds you mine, the more units you can build. The units move around the map in a way that reminded me of Civilization where your units stay clumped together and moved on a grid. Don’t be confused because this is not turn-based. This is real-time. The game looks incredible and will be launching for Andriod and iOS. The last thing they announced before moving on was a rare win for us Android users. We can actually download and play the alpha right now!

Lastly, the CEO of EA came out and stressed to gamers that “they are changing” and that “they are getting better as a company.” They always say this when the community grows sour at them. Just wait, they will become an awesome company for a year and return to their old ways. They then ended the conference with a trailer of Anthem and had a rather long Q&A section about the game.

This year’s E3 is already shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory. You will want to stay tuned for tomorrow. We have Microsoft, Bethesda and Devolver Digital going up on stage tomorrow, and we can’t wait to see what is announced!

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