Just Cause 4 Confirmed via Steam

We here at GAMING+ know when to admit when we are wrong. We wrote an article saying that Just Cause 4 won’t be announced at E3 2018. Well, that is thrown out the window now that it just appeared on Steam.

On the Steam homepage, Just Cause 4 was listed as a pre-order. Steam immediately pulled it down but with the internet, once it’s posted, it’s there forever. A couple screenshots were taken before the ad was removed from the storefront. You can see them below:



Now, based off of these pictures, there’s nothing to really go off of to where the game will be taking place, the story of the game, or when the release date is. If this ad is still on your page, if you click on it, it, unfortunately, won’t go anywhere. This is a huge leak and we’re sure Avalanche Studios is quite upset.

We are excited here at GAMING+ to see what kind of new features this game will have. We will eat the words that were written before and begin to get excited about the new entry in an amazing series of games!

Did you see this ad on Steam? What do you want to see in the new game? Let us know below!

Just Cause 4 has yet to be formally announced.

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