E3 2018 Nintendo Switch Rumors

We are less than a week away from the most incredible week for gamers around the world. E3 2018 starts June 12, and we’re sure it’s going to be a big week of huge announcements. There isn’t much news that comes out right before E3 other than rumors, but there is one company that has a lot of rumors surrounding them this year.

All eyes seem to be on Nintendo this year. The Nintendo Switch is in full swing and developers are starting to realize that this console really is a big deal. It seems like every day there’s a new rumor coming out about a game or feature for the console. Let’s take a look at some rumors that have been floating around!

A lot of people are thinking that the wildly popular battle royale game, Fortnite, is coming to Switch. Not only would the be a big deal for Nintendo, but it is a perfect fit for the console as well. With the lighthearted art style and funny things that happen in the game, well, it looks like Nintendo made it themselves!

Another rumor is a new Star Fox game. Could it be the Star Fox Zero sequel we’ve all been wanting (please note: sarcasm)? It actually doesn’t seem to be a standard Star Fox game at all. The rumors are actually looking like it could be a Star Fox racing game. No, even though we all crave it, Nintendo won’t give us F-Zero, but they will give us a Star Fox racing game that no one really thought they wanted! The game is rumored to be titled Star Fox: Grand Prix. I personally would love to have a new Diddy Kong Racing, new F-Zero, or even a new Mario Kart game! I’ll still take Star Fox, though. Depending on how the game works and looks, it could be a good looking title.

Do you believe these rumors? What do you hope to see in Nintendo’s presentation at E3? Let us know below!

E3 is set to begin June 12, 2018. Nintendo’s presentation is scheduled to start at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET.

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