Resident Evil 2 Remake Speculations

Okay, this isn’t some click-bait article titled “New Resident Evil 2 Remake Leaks!!!!11!” It is simply speculation for what Capcom is going to do with the game. With that said, I cannot wait for any credible news that drops about the remake of such a classic survival horror game from many of our childhoods.

A lot of people aren’t so happy about the lack of information about it, but I think it is a genius marketing plan because it gets the fans talking, and can possibly bring people in who are not that into Resident Evil as a series. Now, this could go horribly wrong with many of us hoping for an exact replica with new and improved graphics like they did with RE Remaster (which happens to be one of my all-time favorites), but I believe in Capcom and will buy the game at release and try to enjoy it regardless of the quality.

The only rumor that has me bothered is the “over the shoulder” camera angle that is seen in the later titles of the series. Not that I hate the idea, but there’s something about the fixed camera angles that make the game… well, the game. This may sound hypocritical from my previous statement of me loving the game no matter what, but hey, a man can dream, right? Another rumor that has me ready to refuse to play the game is that they may not include 4th Survivor. Okay, obviously this isn’t a hit or miss for me, but an HD Hunk and possibly maybe tofu? It would be an added bonus. The last concern is my hope for tank controls. Don’t ask me why, but that is my favorite way to play the classic Resident Evil games, even on RE Remaster. It’s how I personally enjoy it and that completely makes the game easier to for me to speedrun.

In all, obviously, we are all excited about the remake and cannot wait for even a hint at any miniscule detail announcement.

What do you guys think? Would the “over the shoulder” camera turn you off? Or would you still give the remake we’ve all been craving a chance? Let us know below!

Resident Evil 2 Remake will hopefully be released in 2018.

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