Mega Man Cartoon Intro (Leaked?)

One thing that doesn’t get discussed a lot is the terrible Mega Man cartoon set to air this year in 2018. While it’s great to see some love being thrown to the Blue Bomber, we just have difficulty understanding the design of this version of Mega Man. Though, the show’s design isn’t exactly what we’re talking about here.

I was just browsing through YouTube and just doing some research about Comcept (the creator of Mighty No. 9) and their game Red Ash. Red Ash is the spiritual successor to one of my favorite games, Mega Man Legends 1 and 2. How many things go on the internet, one finds themselves jumping from one thing to another to find themselves in a rather odd place of the internet. Well, it actually led me into looking into the terrible looking Mega Man cartoon coming up. One thing I actually did find that I thought was interesting is there is a bad quality version of the upcoming cartoon’s intro, which you can watch below.

Now, nothing has been reported by the studio whether this is real or not, but this could be counted as a “leak”. Now, with any leak, take it with a grain of salt. The quality of the video is terrible, but once you get past that, the quality of the animation is great which leads me to think this could be real. The video was uploaded by a small YouTube channel and only has 23,294 views as of this writing. It was also published on May 6, 2017,which surprises me that it has not been reported on very much. The show still looks terrible, but I’ll still probably check it out because I’m starving for anything Mega Man related. I just can’t wait for Mega Man 11.

What do you think? Think this is real or fake? Are you excited for the shows release? Let us know in the comments below!

The new Mega Man cartoon is set to release on Cartoon Network in 2018.

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