Mega Man 11 Pre-Order Details and Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

If you haven’t heard already, Mega Man is finally getting a new game! Yes, the Blue Bomber is back with a new adventure. On May 29th, a new Mega Man 11 trailer dropped and gave us some information regarding pre-order details.

As you can see in the image below, we see some stuff we get with the pre-order. Obviously, you will get the game. What wasn’t expected was seeing a new amiibo coming with it! The stunning amiibo is sure to look great sitting on your bookshelf or wherever you keep your collection! The functionality of it with the game is not known. We also get a Dr. Wily logo adhesive patch that will look great smacked on the back of your Switch or whatever console you are playing on. There is a small sticker set included of Dr. Wily, Mega Man, Rush, and the Mega Man 11 logo. Also included is a microfiber cloth that is designed to look like the stage select screen with all bosses illustrated on the cloth. That package alone makes it worth pre-ordering!


In the trailer, we got to see more of the beautiful graphics of the game. Capcom has really outdone themselves with the look of this game. We also get to hear some voice acting! Yes, Mega Man is going to talk! We hear his voice which sounds like a young man, maybe in his early 20’s. He has a “cool” sounding voice kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog. We also get to see some of the level design and boss fights which look incredible.

There is a new mechanic also introduced in the trailer where you get to slow down time to maneuver around fast moving obstacles and take down fast moving bosses. Another mechanic with was shown is the “Unleash Hidden Power” mode. It looks like when Mega Man takes a lot of damage, he can let out a massive burst from his buster. Speaking of his buster, there is a new mechanic where you can not only charge your busters, but overcharge them! This works with every single buster you unlock throughout the game, which looks like a welcome and fun addition!

You can see all of this for yourself by watching the trailer below:

Mega Man 11 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC on October 2, 2018

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