GAMING+ on YouTube and Updates

Gaming+ is now going to be on YouTube! We will be putting all Weekly Roundup Podcasts on YouTube as well as some new and exciting content being planned! With this being planned and needing time to backlog some game footage so I can upload on a regular basis, I will be suspending all audio production until July 5th.

Just so you are aware of the first series I am planning, it is going to be NCAA Football 14. I am planning on having an Ultimate College Football Playoff (UCFP). What that means is that I am taking all of the teams in NCAA Football 14 and having a 126 team playoff. This will take a while as there will be 125 games to record and narrate. I will put out a video later on about how things are going to work for this.

The reason I am going to be suspending things is that I am moving to a new place as well as going on a family vacation through June, so I just won’t have enough time to do everything. I will be making my own little “studio” in my new place and need time to get all of that set up as well.

What I will plan on doing while all of this is happening is, instead of recording an entire podcast every week, I will go ahead and write articles about gaming news and events going on. This way, I will be able to put more content on the website and hopefully get more traffic with the frequent posting.

Also, we have added a new member to the Gaming+ team! Chris Meece spends a lot of his time speedrunning Resident Evil games and always tries for the best times that he can achieve. We welcome him and are excited to see what he brings to the website and podcast!

Thank you for understanding and I look forward to bringing everyone more and entertaining content!

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